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+1-224-725-3266 (mobile)


Marit Hinnosaar

Assistant Professor in Economics at Collegio Carlo Alberto

PhD in Economics, Northwestern University

Fields of Specialization

Behavioral Economics, Industrial Organization

Curriculum Vitae


Time Inconsistency and Alcohol Sales Restrictions, European Economic Review, 2016, 87: 108-131.

The paper was awarded the Public Utility Research Center Prize for the best paper in regulatory economics at IIOC 2013
and the Young Economists' Essay Award at EARIE 2013

Wikipedia matters, with Toomas Hinnosaar, Michael Kummer, and Olga Slivko.

Coverage: Quartz

Gender Inequality in New Media: Evidence from Wikipedia

Authority bias, with Toomas Hinnosaar

How long do healthy habits last? The role of prices

Price discriminating minorities in the market for milk

Do cigarette taxes promote healthy behaviors?, with Paul Grieco and Andrea Pozzi


Econometric Theory I, Fall 2017, Syllabus