Marit Hinnosaar

Assistant Professor
University of Nottingham


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Photo of Marit Hinnosaar

Working Papers

The persistence of healthy behaviors in food purchasing
Revise and Resubmit at Marketing Science
Links: SSRN, CEPR DP 12815

Influencer cartels
With Toomas Hinnosaar
Links: SSRN

Malleability of alcohol consumption: Evidence from migrants
With Elaine M. Liu
Links: SSRN, CEPR DP 15196, VoxEU
Coverage: Postimees

The impact of retirement on the healthiness of food purchases
Links: SSRN

Forthcoming and Published Articles

Externalities in knowledge production: Evidence from a randomized field experiment [PDF]
With Toomas Hinnosaar, Michael Kummer, and Olga Slivko
Experimental Economics, forthcoming.

Wikipedia matters [PDF]
With Toomas Hinnosaar, Michael Kummer, and Olga Slivko
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, forthcoming.
Coverage: Quartz, Guardian, BBC Radio (at 45:00), Telegraph, Independent, MSN, IndianExpress, BusinessMagazine (Albanian), Dosja (Albanian), Seznam Zprávy (Chezh), Sina Technology (Chinese), Zimo (Croatian), Eesti Ekspress (Estonian), Tivi (Finnish), Business Insider France (French), France Soir (French), Business AM (French), Clubic (French), FR24news (French), Siècle Digital (French), Travelestate (Greek), PiaceProfit (Hungarian), (Hungarian), Privátbankár (Hungarian), Morgunblaðið (Icelandic), Daily-planet (Indonesian), FocusTech (Italian), (Polish), 1pezeshk (Persian), Pagina Jornal (Portuguese), Inc. Russia (Russian), Roskom Svoboda (Russian), Nuevo Periodico (Spanish), La Información (Spanish), Turkish BBC (Turkish), Bursa Hakimiyet (Turkish)

Gender inequality in new media: Evidence from Wikipedia [PDF]
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2019, 163: 262-276.

Time inconsistency and alcohol sales restrictions
European Economic Review, 2016, 87: 108-131.